Cupcakes and Cookies

Cupcakes and cookies are a flexible option for parties and celebrations.
Cupcakes and cookies are increasingly an option people are choosing to make any celebration that little bit more special.    They can be used as part of an overall party food offering, work alongside a main cake or work together as an alternative to one large cake.

Cupcakes and CookiesOur cupcakes and cookies are freshly made, decorated with scrumptious toppings and finished to your heart’s desire!  They can be a perfect compliment to add to your main cake, or used on their own to provide a stunning centre piece.

Cupcakes are as popular as traditional cakes for all occasions, including weddings. We can add to the wow factor by adding some fabulous display props and stands.  Cupcakes are also the perfect answer to take away cakes for your party guests.

We can provide cupcakes in boxes or individual cases turning the yummy treat into a lovely gift.  How about something for yourself, your family or friends as a well deserved treat?”

If you need to consider the dietary requirements of your party guests, likes or dislikes, the use of cupcakes and cookies can be an ideal option that suits every taste and person.  Look at the examples featured on this page and think about who you are catering for and what you would like to have.

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