How to order …

If you are thinking of ordering a cake, you may want to think about the following steps when considering what you like and what you need.  I am happy to chat about the different options and help you come to the decision that suits you best.

Step 1 – How big does your cake need to be?

Your cake size will depend upon how many people you want to get a slice (or how many slices you want to have left over for yourself!).  Think about whether you need larger dessert portions, or smaller finger portions.

To help you determine the cake size you need and the number of tiers, open the portion guide in our useful documents section

Step 2 – What cake shape would you like?

Round, Square, Oval, Heart, Pillow, Hexagonal, Rectangle – the cake shape world is your oyster.  You could of course opt for a bespoke carved/novelty shaped cake if you have a specific hobby or interest for your cake theme.

Step 3 – Fruit or sponge? 

Some prefer a flavoursome fruit cake, others prefer a classic and popular sponge.

In terms of flavour, our standard cakes include Vanilla, Chocolate and Lemon but we have other speciality options such as Carrot, Red Velvet, Black Forest and more …

Selecting a filling is the next flavour consideration; standard fillings include vanilla buttercream, chocolate buttercream with or without jam or jam on its own.  We can add any flavour or fruit to your filling.

When choosing the coating for your cake, popular choices include buttercream, ganache and sugar paste.

Step 4 – Design

Tell us what the occasion is and anything specific you had in mind regarding the design including any theme ideas. You can be either very specific or give me a guide to work with.

Step 5 – When do you need your cake?

A few simple but important details we will need from you will include the date of your occasion, the date you need the cake and whether you will collect the cake or need it to be delivered.